McLaren’s Awesome New Concept Car


I do not know if you are aware of McLaren’s new concept car, but it seems amazing!

It is called the MP4-X and the engineers have gone crazy, completely changing the expectations for prospective cars in the future.

The car has a morphing chassis with a negative stiffness, so if a crash were to occur, the material would decrease the impact force and reshape itself instantaneously so the driver could stay in a race, even after crashing!

Furthermore, it is controlled by the driver’s thoughts and brain patterns- no steering needed! The driver sits in a cockpit-style enclosed capsule and the technology can monitor levels of all bodily functions, making sure that the driver is at the top of their game. There is a 360 degree view from this cockpit, making Formula 1 driving even easier than before.

The engineers at McLaren have fitted the car with electrodes on its wings which turn the air around it into plasma by ionising it. This increases the overall highest speed of the car by increasing downforce, in particular around corners.

Moreover, to combat the more pressing issue of climate change, the car does not need to stop for refuelling because it is totally hybrid and charges through special technology set in the track of the racecourse.The car could also receive a power surge if needed from solar panels installed on the chassis.

Arguably the most important design feature of this new concept car is the race suit which emphasises areas of possible trauma, guiding paramedics and doctors to injuries. This could save lives.

However cool I think this may be, I cannot help asking whether this is the right thing to be spending so much money on when millions are still starving to death and dying of preventable diseases.

Food for thought.

Keep your eyes open for my next post,




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