News from Jupiter


Today I read an interesting article about how the Juno lander launched by NASA has discovered a whole host of new information about the planet Jupiter. This was Juno’s first ever orbit of Jupiter and during its flight, it gained insightful knowledge able to aid us in our understanding of the workings of the universe.

The image taken by the lander is described as ‘unrecognisable’ as the Jupiter we know by Scott J Bolton, its principal investigator. The planet is far more blue than previously known estimates, and there are far more storms raging about its atmosphere on all parts of the planet.

Additionally, unlike many planets, including ours, there are no latitudinal bands dictating weather patterns which is highly unusual. What surprised me are the extremely dense clouds that are at such high altitudes that they cast shadows on the ground beneath them. The Juno lander reached heights of within 4300km of the clouds, allowing accurate data to be obtained about them.

A beautiful fact about Jupiter is that it has violet southern auroras which were captured on camera for the first time. This indicates that solar radiation must be hitting particles in the atmosphere to create this spectacle, thus demonstrating the poles of the planet. This is why Jupiter has such a strong magnetic pull, due to its massive mass!

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