The New Concorde


I bring you news of a new supersonic aircraft which has the power to revolutionise air travel.

From 2021, the Aerion AS2 will be able to fly in the skies above our heads, and unlike the downfall of Concorde, this plane is commercially viable. It sports a new and innovative ‘delta’ wing design which is triangular as seen in military aircraft and this wing is also thinner and lighter. It has a horizontal stabiliser so rather than producing turbulent air flow by trapping air around the wings, the streamlined design reduces drag on the wings by 70%! This allows the plane to break the sound barrier with a simple jet engine.

Additionally, the wings are constructed of carbon fibre to make them light and have a titanium edge to make them resistant to weathering and erosion. The design leads to a further 20% reduction in drag compared to normal aircraft which increases fuel efficiency and the range it is able to travel.

Another added benefit of this airplane is that it will not create the characteristic sonic boom when it has broken the sound barrier. Cruising at speeds of Mach 1.2, the shockwaves created by breaking the sound barrier would dissipate before they reach the ground, ensuring a pleasant experience for all.

The only problem is cost: £82 million per plane- that’ll lead to higher plane fares!

Keep your eyes peeled for my next post,



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