The perfect sphere


Today, on a fabulous science news website named sciencedaily, I came across an article that described how  that scientists have discovered the most spherical object that has ever been found.

The object is a star and is called Kepler 11145123. I, for one, believed until today that the sun was perfectly round, but it isn’t. This is due to the centrifugal force which slowly causes it to flatten. This is a concept known to every physicist, but I had never thought to apply it to stars in such a way.

The star’s roundness was measured using a technique called astroseismology, which is a measure of how much the star oscillates. Scientists discovered that the difference between the equatorial and the polar radii was a mere 3km, making it the most spherical object found to date.

In order to put this into perspective, one must consider that the mean radii at any point of the star is 1.5 million km- this makes the find even more astounding!

What I found the most interesting is that this technique could be used 5000 light years from Earth. If this is the case, then what might we be capable of next?

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